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Important addresses to the ShineMine project.

SHINE Smart Contract Address: 0xbB78CD9d658201119a78395dE350e3F531c12273

SHINE Smart Contract Owner Address: 0x284a8488f02e2fe75efdd6669c820269ada34a6c

Marketing : 0x3464DE7caf9f384aa5f41e69E151b707903b409F

Staking Contract: 0x1653B9aa9c9ce3aE976720b7B449bcEb281E1BFc

Auto-liquidity address (internal code use): 0x5420B45d9A0aeC7dd06ca8a828A54d9B1c6f449d

Project Gnosis Safes

Main Gnosis Safe (Long-term Gnosis multisig): 0x91f26E2eEaAFA5c44d32C57Fd4937881931343D3

Team tokens (Long-term Gnosis multisig): 0xD19DbE5937E8B700Ea02D1a6e547bfaa4B054015

Marketing (Long-term Gnosis multisig): 0xaba69D6FA8CC1f5152b3e0E21BE18428215E840e

Smart Contract Audit

The SHINE smart contract audit was performed by Hashex, March 2022.

Liquidity locked

View our locked liquidity (secured through CryptEx's locking service) here.

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