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Earn passive BNB rewards
through tokenized mining.

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Solving the mining problem

Solo Mining

Cryptocurrency mining was once dominated by individuals and their home computers. To solo mine now requires hardware that is expensive, loud, consumes a lot of energy, requires technical knowledge, and generates a significant amount of heat. A mining rig alone can cost tens of thousands of dollars and finding a suitable hosting facility is time consuming and costly.

Cloud mining

Cloud mining tries to correct this problem but fails by canceling out its pros with its cons. While it eliminates the need for technical skills and lowers the barrier to entry it requires price minimums and contracts that can lock you in for 1-2 years. Many also limit the crypto you can mine and it further centralizes cryptocurrency mining.

ShineMine is the better way to mine

ShineMine breaks down barriers and allows anyone to get involved with crypto mining.

ShineMine is a tokenized crypto mining operation that allows anyone to reap the profits of crypto mining at any price point regardless of their knowledge or experience with crypto.

All someone needs to do is hold SHINE tokens to participate. Once SHINE tokens are purchased, the benefits of crypto mining begin, without the drawbacks.

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Why Shine

No Minimum

start mining crypto with any investment and no long term contract.


Activities and team are public and code is open source.

Carbon neutral

Mitigates the impact of intensive blockchain energy usage.

You win no matter what with ShineMine

The more people that hold SHINE tokens will increase the value of your SHINE. The less people that hold SHINE increases the amount of rewards you can claim.

Staking & Rewards

APY Projections

APY projections are calculated based on an estimated total APY from the mining operation at today's profitability rate. Half of the rewards generated are allocated to the rewards pool.

Reinvestment (included in APY)

Half of the rewards generated are allocated to reinvestment in acquiring additional mining equipment and updating obsolete units in order to expand the mining operation thus increasing the rewards pool as well as ensuring the longevity of the project with continued procurement of the most competitive hashing computers.

Calculation details

Compounded APY is calculated based on a holder reinvesting their BNB rewards into additional SHINE tokens staked in their respective pool.

Reward Pool Allocations

The Silver Pool will receive 50% of the rewards pool allocation. The Gold Pool will receive 25% of the rewards pool allocation and the Diamond Pool will also receive 25% of the rewards pool allocation. Holders staking at the Silver level will claim rewards from the Silver Pool. Holders staking at the Gold level will receive rewards from both the Silver and the Gold pools. Holders staking at the Diamond level will receive rewards from all three pools.




✅ Launch website.


✅ Find facility to host initial ShineMine mining rigs.

✅ Line up mining rig supplier.

✅ Launch presale



✅ Whitepaper redesign

✅ Launch national marketing campaign.

2,000 Discord members


Hit $100 million in market cap

✅ Listing on Coin Gecko

Listing on Coin Market Cap

Begin listing discussions with centralized exchanges.

1,000 SHINE holders

✅ Start security audit



5,000 Discord members

International marketing campaign


Achieve carbon neutrality for Shine Mine.


Hit $500 million in market cap

10,000 SHINE holders

List on centralized exchanges.



10,000 Discord members




Launch a community marketplace for Shine Mine NFT's.

Hit $1.2 billion in market cap

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